Lacey and Larkin Fight a Good Fight

Perhaps now more than ever, humanity must stand together to end the tide of evil that is washing over every country around the globe. It seems that every country is growing in evil and tyranny as love for our fellow man is dying. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn I know that it is my […]

Securus Customers Recommend Superior Technology

Secures Technologies gives their customers a chance to give feedback to help other customers choose the best inmate technology for their needs. Believe it or not, their CEO, Rick A. Smith tells PR Newswire it’s important to include your customers in the administering of services to their platform. Established since 1983, Securus has years of […]

Larkin and Lacey: Protecting the Constitution

Stories about great heroes often involve heroes that come from humble backgrounds. Michael Lacey didn’t begin as a star pupil with dreams of fame and glory. His father was a simple construction worker living in New Jersey. Lacey learned his work ethic from his father but wanted to do more than just get a job […]

U.S Money Reserve and Austin Disaster Relief Network raised $219,622 for Harvey Victims

During August 17 through September 3rd, Hurricane Harvey ripped along the Atlantic coastline. The category 4 hurricane is estimated to have caused over 198 billion in damages to the affected areas, making this disaster one of the costliest in the history of The United States.   In Texas, Harvey made landfall three separate times over […]

Daniel Taub makes history as a diplomat

According to the Jewish community living in the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub is the best envoy since the era of Shlomo Argov. His work as the ambassador has been great. The two countries have accomplished a lot through his efforts of making Israel and the United Kingdom establish better working relations. Daniel Taub served as […]