Hussain Sajwani’s Amazing leadership Ability

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of the DAMAC real estate company. He founded the company, located in Dubai in 2002. Sajwani is married with four children. Hussain Sajwani is sixty-four years old. Before establishing DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani was in the catering business where he had clients such as Betchel of the construction sector and the US military. Hussain still owns a food service firm. Hussain Sajwani has grown to become a very successful man who is featured on the Forbes billionaires list in 2017.


DAMAC began after Hussain saw potential after selling a decent number of units in his first 38-story building even though the construction was not complete. The construction of this building was initiated after the government of Dubai allowed foreigners to own land in the region. Since then, Hussain Sajwani has greatly contributed to the fascination of Dubai as a travel destination to many citizens of the world.


Damac has grown tremendously over the past few years. It is associated with other notable real-estate professionals such as Donald Trump who is the current president of the United States of America. Donald Trump with Hussain teamed up to develop the Trump-branded golf courses at the onset of 2013. Hussain Sajwani family has maintained both a friendly and a business relationship with that of Donald Trump.


As a developing company, Damac has faced a myriad of challenges most notably one in July 2008 where sales dropped drastically. Hussain being a tactician came up with ways to deal with the crisis. The Damac owner cut down operational costs, scrapped off some ongoing projects and introduced strict controls on buyer related irregularities.


DAMAC invests in engineering, construction, and architecture. This has led to its involvement with companies such as the Drake and Scull International which provides engineering services such as plumbing, air conditioning, sanitation, and gas supply among others. The Trump Organization Inc. provides real estate development services. DAMAC also works in close collaboration with LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton in the provision of luxury goods and services.


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Eva Moskowitz – A Campaigner of Quality Education

Eva Moskowitz is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of SACS (Success Academy Charter Schools). She also worked as the City Council Member of New York. Most of her works were centered on the privatization of the public education system through the charter school network.

Eva Moskowitz has proven that she has good leadership qualities when it comes to education reform. Through SACS, Eva is offering thousands of children from the inner-cities with the opportunity to realize their academic potential. Currently, Success Academy has more than 46 schools and over 500 professional teachers. Apart from being the founder of SACS, Eva Moskowitz has worked with other organizations such as Harlem Education Fair, Students First NY, and NYCCSC (New York Charter School Center).

Eva Moskowitz was brought up in Manhattan and received her high school education from Stuyvesant High School. Eva also attended Pennsylvania University, from where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in History. She did not stop at degree level. Eva Moskowitz was an alumnus of Johns Hopkins University, from where she received her Ph.D. in the History of America. While doing her Ph.D. in 1991, Eva’s dissertation paper was about naming the problem.

Eva brought to light how the popular culture in America paved the way for political interest.
Eva Moskowitz started her career as an educator of history at the University of Virginia. She was also a substitute professor of mass culture and communications at the same institution. Eva was also employed as an assistant lecturer of history at the University of Vanderbilt. Besides being a professor of history, Moskowitz was the Director of ReadNet, a program that deals with children’s literacy. She founded SACS (Success Academy Charter Schools) before venturing into active politics. She ventured into politics with the objective of campaigning for quality education system across America. She believes that every child despite the background deserves access to quality education.

Eva Moskowitz : We Read at School and We Read at Home.

Fabletics-Getting People Moving

Succeeding in a market where Amazon controls 20% of the fashion market on e-commerce has proven to be no small feat but Fabletics has not only managed to do so but has grown to be worth a $250 million dollar brand. Fabletics ahs avoided the more common reverse showrooming technique that many start up companies normally use and has instead decided to get to really know their market. Fabletics ahs avoided the pop up store technique and has gotten to know the local markets through activities and events. This has resulted in 30-50% of their customers that walk through the doors to their retail stores already being members and another 25% becoming members right in-store. It doesn’t matter where they buy their items-it all counts towards their shopping cart, which also makes their customers happy.


In order to understand their customers better and to offer more personalized service, Fabletics has their customers fill out a Lifestyle Quiz when they sign up to become a member. This benefits both the customer and Fabletics by giving their customers exactly what they want and Fabletics has a better idea of what to include in their activewear line.


The lower price of Fabletics clothing really sets it apart form all the other activewear apparel companies. Kate Hudson has also recently expanded her sizes to include anything form XXS to 3X because she really wants to encourage everyone to live e a more active lifestyle, no matter what their size.


Hudson really keeps an eye on her company and what is selling and what is not. If an item is not moving, she gets rid of it and replaces it with something that will. This ensures that her customers are always getting to choose form options that are popular and trendy. The data that she collects form the Lifestyle Quizzes really helps her to design clothing that is what the customer wants and also helps determine prices. Hudson wants her clothing line to be fun and a motivation n to get moving. If your workout wear is fun, it will motivate you.


Hudson gets her inspiration from her mother, Goldie Hawn, and she believes it is very important to do what you love and to live your passion. She believes it is important to take risks in order to become successful and if you keep that in perspective, you will be able to become fearless.

David McDonald, An Idealistic Leader

OSI is a famous food processing company which has branches all most all over the world. The company has over two decades of services in the food sector. OSI was founded back in the year 1992. It is under the management of David McDonald serving as the president.

David McDonald attended the University of California where he graduated with a Ph.D. in information and computer science. He has a vast experience in business management on top of his unmatched education background. The

OSI Company has expanded to open branches in other countries. The major branches of the company are based in China. According to McDonald, the company has achieved its unmatched growth because of the able team that works in every department. The facilities of the company also play a significant role to keep the company shining at the global level. The past two decades has seen china’s economy grow to an incredible height. The OSI has not been left behind and its growth is parallel to the China’s economy. The company has a total of eight businesses in China that are fully operational and two more coming up. According to the president of the company, Mr. McDonald, the acquisition of Baho food to the Europe’s OSI business gives the company a brighter today as well as a brighter tomorrow. This provided a major platform for OSI to thrive in the Europe.

David McDonald is a well-known professor all over the world. He is an international leader who has a great history of fighting towards wildlife conservation. He has a keen interest in the development of conservation biology, and this makes him an innovative inspiration. David McDonald OSI Group is one of the greatest visionaries responsible for laying down a platform for the masses of contemporary environmentalists. His great work saw him win the Dawkins Prize for conservation and the wildlife’s welfare. He received the award in the year 2015. His continued great work also earned him another award in the year 2016. This was the American Society of Mammalogists Merriam award. David has been significant over the years due to the awards he has received in his career. This keeps him on top of the world. He is an icon at the global level that deserves every award.

Mark Sparks and his Passionate Journey through Entrepreneurship

Mark Sparks, a well-known serial entrepreneur, investor, writer, and philanthropist, is very passionate about his experiments in entrepreneurship. He is also a mentor to many aspiring entrepreneurs, and he loves to share his business venture experiences to motivate them. The Dallas-based venture capitalist invests in startups, help them with resources and support, mentors them, and make as established business groups. His firm Timber Creek Capital, LP is working as an incubation center for startups and encourage everyone who has innovative ideas. Sparks is very focused on the every aspect of the firms he mentors and created a brand new office for Timber Creek recently to provide an excellent environment for tech innovation and information for the startups.Learn more :



Considering his more than 35 years of experience in various industries, Sparks mentors across the sectors and offers them office space, capital, banking, and marketing. Sparks keep a check on various aspects of startup firm including the supply of funds, revenue generating, establishing brands, finding new markets and marketing strategies, etc. He is also considered as a management guru and knows how managing people efficiently can generate greater results for the firms. Spark’s strategies have helped many startups such as Global Tec Solutions, Reliant Healthcare Partners, Splash Media, Agency Matrix LLC, Cobalt Real Estate Services, Splash Media Productions, etc., to become established businesses within a short span of time.



Marc is very specific about the lessons he learns from each venture and says that he learns more from failures than successes. He believes that success does not teach anything, but the failures are the actual resources for entrepreneurship and experience. Sparks is even ready to share his experiences and failures with the young generation, and he wrote a book, They Can’t Eat You, with his experiences with ventures – which focuses much on his failures. He is confident that people would learn more from his unsuccessful ventures which include founding a startup insurance holding firm at his bedroom, making it nearly $1 billion market cap, and losing everything within 90 days. Sparks always ask two questions himself: “How do you do it?” and “Aren’t you afraid of losing?” His success is clubbed with his qualities including Focus, Faith, Passion, Savvy of Monetization, Tenacity, and an outrageous sense of urgency, which is referred by his colleagues as “Sparks Speed.”Learn more :



Sparks is also very particular about his philanthropic contributions and helps homeless people in Texas through a shelter called The Samaritan Inn. He is part of the mission of the shelter from the 80s, and currently, it houses 160 residents and providing them an average stay of five months. During the stay, each resident receives counseling, health programs, financial education, job placement, and family services to make them employed. Marc also founded “Sparky Kids” which assists street kids with training programs and supplies laptops to break their poverty.




Securus Technologies Helping to Prevent Crime in Jail

My job in the local jail is keeping any type of contraband out of the hands of the prisoners. I have a number of ways that I try to stay one step ahead of the inmates, but because they have so much time on their hands, they are able to come up creative ways to game the system.


I start my search for drugs and other contraband by being on the front lines at the visitor section. Even though we spot many people who bring things into the jail, some still manage to get through.


We do daily surprise inspections of the inmate cells, and this yields an abundance of other contraband. Even with these two lines of defense, the contraband is still readily available to inmates.


Although we had minimal results with monitoring inmate calls, it was still another resource we made use of daily. It wasn’t until Securus Technologies installed a new inmate communication system that we were able to really blow the roof off this problem.


Once I was trained on the LBS software, I decided to really put the system to the test and monitor the calls for a week. One issue we were aware of is that the inmates have their own vocabulary, so they can be directing someone on the outside to bring i drugs right under our noses.


One day, while using the new inmate communication system, I picked up on some conversations about gang leaders saying the outside soldiers needed to come to the jail and take certain actions. It was uncovered that a certain corrections officer was being bribed by the gang, and he would allow this contraband in the jail by turning a blind eye. This system was vital for helping us arrest one of our own and keep drugs out of the jail.


How To Begin Taking Control Of Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation is important for several reasons. One key reason is that it can impact your chances of being hired for a job or not. Perspective employers now regularly research employee candidates on the web. Even if you are applying for a summer internship, chances are high that the company you are planning on interning will check the web to see your reputation.

So what do prospective employers or companies that hire interns look for? They usually start of by looking at LinkedIn and other professional networking sites. Many employers also look at social media to determine how responsible or irresponsible a candidate is. Besides professional networking and social media, employers will also do general Google searches on your name. This will give them an idea of who you are and what your reputation is, on the web anyways.

The best way to manage and control your reputation is to imagine that you are in the shoes of an employer that is looking to hire you or a company considering to take you on as an intern. You know that they will look at your social media and professional networking sites. Thus, you should try and create a social media presence on the web. If you have not created a LinkedIn account, consider creating one and adding professional information and achievements such as awards you have received. Set up a Facebook and Twitter account as well as other lesser known outlets such as Instagram, Tumblr and

If you feel you have negative or potentially harmful content on your social media pages, then you should clean it up. Remove inappropriate photographs, comments and postings at forums. You don’t want a boss seeing you binge drinking or trying illegal drugs at a party. Your online presence should give off a professional and responsible appearance.

Besides creating and cleaning up social media accounts, you can try the following tips to boost your online presence. Claim your name as a domain and build up a personal website. Publish a blog or entries in your field. Create videos, expand your social media presence and use search engine optimization to make you more visible on the vast web.

Hussain Sajwani Relationship with Donald Trump

Hussain Sajwani is a businessman who has a close relationship with Donald Trump, the new president of America. The businessman has done a lot for the president and his family. In January this year, Trump said that Hussain Sajwani and his family had played a crucial role in his successful campaign.

This friendship has lasted for several years, and it is good for their businesses. Political experts say that Trump’s new position in the country will strengthen the business relationship between him and business associates such as Hussain. Read more: 10 Richest Men in UAE

Hussain Sajwani is a very successful real estate developer who is based in Dubai. The entrepreneur is the chairman and chief executive officer of a famous real estate company known as DAMAC. The billionaire knows how to manage his finances, and this is one of the reasons he has done well. His ability to come up with innovative and creative solutions in business have also played a role in his successful business emperor.

DAMAC mostly handles luxury properties in different parts of the world. The real estate company develops and also promotes properties where individuals can reside or even use for various commercial reasons.

In all the properties developed by the enterprise, there is a lot of creativity, because the modern consumer looks for perfect properties that offer more than just a dwelling space.

DAMAC properties ensure that clients get the best. The company has managed to construct different buildings, and some are owned by prominent people in the world such as Donald Trump. Hussain always ensures that his buildings offer the consumers a good view. This is the best way of making sure that the clients feel good about the properties they purchase from him.

The businessman has been in the real estate industry for several decades, and this explains his expertise. His educational background has also played a vital role in the success of the entrepreneur.

Sajwani is also very dedicated to the projects he handles, and this has earned him respect and trust of many international clients. Hussain plays a vital role in humanitarian causes too. This has earned him a lot of fame and respect.

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The New Hair Product That You Need In Your Life

When celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean first decided to launch WEN Cleansing Conditioner, he was trying to create a product that could effectively clean and hydrate hair in a totally natural way. Today, his product is a cult favorite among hair care enthusiasts and celebrities alike. Thanks to the product’s highly innovative formula, countless women are discovering the amazing benefits of taking a natural approach to caring for their hair.

Why Natural?

For decades, the hair care industry has been lying to us. Commercial hair care brands have been giving us products that significantly damage hair over time. For example, shampoo and conditioner products are full of synthetic fragrances. These fragrances come from petroleum, a harsh chemical known to irritate the scalp and dry out sensitive hair follicles. As the scalp becomes irritated, dead skin clogs the pores and often leads to hair loss.

Other ingredients like sulfates and artificial preservatives are merely filler ingredients that keep manufacturing costs down. These chemicals strip away hair’s natural oils, leaving those lovely locks dehydrated and desperate for nutrients.

What Makes WEN Cleansing Conditioner Different?

Chaz Dean’s unique formula uses only natural ingredients that come from plants. With botanical extracts and essential oils, this product provides much-needed nutrition to damaged hair. Plus, since WEN Cleansing Conditioner is free of sulfates, this product won’t remove hair’s natural oils that keep it soft and shiny.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner nourishes hair, restoring it back to its natural state of health. After years of exposure to the chemicals found in most shampoo and conditioner products, hair can finally be healthy once again. Each ingredient found in WEN Cleansing Conditioner is safe, gentle and incredibly beneficial to hair’s health.

If your hair is dry and damaged from years of shampooing and conditioning with commercial products, switch to WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner. In just one week, your hair will be transformed.

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Dick DeVos Brings Attention To Helping Others

People have been giving to charities for a long time. There is a tradition that is held concerning giving to charities. The idea of helping others is something that has be done for a long time and charities are at the core of helping people. Charities are structured to be able to provide the assistance that people need. The type of assistance maybe different but charities can usually help people or direct people to a charity that can assist them


There are numerous things that are needed to run a successful charity. One of the most important is the ability to raise money. Financial contributions are vital to the successful operation of any charity. The way that many charities raise the money that is needed to meet the goals and objectives of the charities is through contributions made by people. The amount of the contributions vary for many reasons. However, charities must be able to have a continuous flow of financial contributions.


The money that is contributed to charities is given for one primary purpose, which is to help people in need. Charities utilize the money that is received for this purpose. Once the money is received, charities have people in place who use the money to help the people who have come to charities for help. While most of the contributions that charities receive maybe considered small in nature. There are times when large contributions are given. The people who make large contributions usually have certain causes that they want to support, so they find charities that help people regarding those causes.


Dick DeVos is an individual who has given large contributions to various charities over the years. In his lifetime, Dick DeVos has given over 139 million dollars to charities. The charities have covered a wide range of causes. Some of the charities concern causes that are very important to Dick DeVos and his family. One of the causes that is very important to him and his family is education.


Dick DeVos is a businessman who has accomplished a lot in his professional career. He has served in key executive positions with several corporations. In every executive position that he has held, Dick DeVos has done an outstanding job in providing leadership and management. Dick DeVos has many qualities that help him to be one of the most respected executives in the business industry. He is an excellent communicator, and he has the ability to assemble teams to accomplish whatever goal is desired.


I feel that Dick DeVos is a respected businessman who uses his business success to help others. He understands that it takes money to help people in need, and he is willing to give money to charities so that people can be helped.