Fabletics-Getting People Moving

Succeeding in a market where Amazon controls 20% of the fashion market on e-commerce has proven to be no small feat but Fabletics has not only managed to do so but has grown to be worth a $250 million dollar brand. Fabletics ahs avoided the more common reverse showrooming technique that many start up companies normally use and has instead decided to get to really know their market. Fabletics ahs avoided the pop up store technique and has gotten to know the local markets through activities and events. This has resulted in 30-50% of their customers that walk through the doors to their retail stores already being members and another 25% becoming members right in-store. It doesn’t matter where they buy their items-it all counts towards their shopping cart, which also makes their customers happy.


In order to understand their customers better and to offer more personalized service, Fabletics has their customers fill out a Lifestyle Quiz when they sign up to become a member. This benefits both the customer and Fabletics by giving their customers exactly what they want and Fabletics has a better idea of what to include in their activewear line.


The lower price of Fabletics clothing really sets it apart form all the other activewear apparel companies. Kate Hudson has also recently expanded her sizes to include anything form XXS to 3X because she really wants to encourage everyone to live e a more active lifestyle, no matter what their size.


Hudson really keeps an eye on her company and what is selling and what is not. If an item is not moving, she gets rid of it and replaces it with something that will. This ensures that her customers are always getting to choose form options that are popular and trendy. The data that she collects form the Lifestyle Quizzes really helps her to design clothing that is what the customer wants and also helps determine prices. Hudson wants her clothing line to be fun and a motivation n to get moving. If your workout wear is fun, it will motivate you.


Hudson gets her inspiration from her mother, Goldie Hawn, and she believes it is very important to do what you love and to live your passion. She believes it is important to take risks in order to become successful and if you keep that in perspective, you will be able to become fearless.