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Have you ever wondered how prisons operate? If so, you have probably heard about Securus Technologies, one of the largest providers of parolee tracking, detainee communications, and government info management. It serves around 2600 correctional facilities in forty-five states, Canada, District of Columbia, and Mexico, and more than one million inmates countrywide. Securus is the number one provider of innovative and comprehensive technology solutions. Its headquarters is Dallas.


This article has curated comments from formal letters and email communications that prisons and jail officials send. The comments are from individuals given the responsibility of preventing and solving crimes as well as making prisons safe and better. According to Securus CEO, Richard A. Smith, the firm develops new products and services weekly if possible to help prisons and enforcement officials to prevent and solve criminal cases. Below are some of the comments


  • According to one official, they were conducting an investigation when they called Securus to enquire about the covert alert feature and with their help, they were able to use the feature to arrest a suspect.


  • One official commented that he was able to listen to an inmate-to-inmate call. He was able to hear two siblings converse together with the mother on the outside. The older sibling and the younger sibling who was innocent on what to say if questioned about a shooting that had happened recently. The official said that listening to the communications was crucial to solving the case.


  • One sheriff stated that he was taking the minute to recognize the LBS software by Securus. Together with other law enforcement resources, the department was able to recover millions of assets, illegal money, and drugs. He added that without the software, they would have struggled to recover these assets.


In conclusion, the CEO says that the firm extends an open invitation to their competitors to visit their technology center and try to improve the industry.

Whitney Wolfe Gives The Woman Power In The Dating Game

Whitney Wolfe, who is only 27 years old, is a world changer, whose main interest is empowering the woman in her relationships. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble and Bumble BFF Apps. At the Bumble App start-up held at the company headquarters, there was no man present, and this was good because the app is mainly for the women.

In the meeting, one of the agenda was eradicating ghosting, which refers to the act of terminating an affair with a partner without explaining. The other agenda was to end men’s shirtless selfies, which were uncomfortable women. The third and final affair was to eradicate unsolicited photos of male genitals on the internet. As she addressed the audience at the Bumble’s headquarters, Whitney Wolfe used a book called Date-Onomics to inform people how they can reward men who do not ghost.

Bumble App has two principles: nudity is verboten and you have to be kind while on the app. Since the woman makes the first move on the app, only the sensitive new age guys subscribe. The women on the app must also be bold enough and not held by old cultural values that prohibit women from making the first move.

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Whitney Wolfe birthed the idea of Bumble after having an ugly breakup with her ex-boyfriend Justin Mateen with whom they co-founded a competitor app called Tinder. Whitney was ousted out of the company after the relationship went sour and abused publicly. She sued and was awarded by the court the justice she deserved. As a result, Whitney started Bumble, which would help the women gain back their power from abusive men. Whitney also says that women are mistreated in other sites as men are taken as the target group, who woo the women into relationships. Whitney brought that to an end by introducing the Bumble App.

Bumble BFF allows women to form friends with other women. Whitney realized that the woman in the 21st century marries at a later age unlike in earlier times when they married by age 25. To make up for the time and reduce loneliness, Whitney introduced the Bumble BFF App that helps women socialize.

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Hussain Sajwani’s Amazing leadership Ability

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of the DAMAC real estate company. He founded the company, located in Dubai in 2002. Sajwani is married with four children. Hussain Sajwani is sixty-four years old. Before establishing DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani was in the catering business where he had clients such as Betchel of the construction sector and the US military. Hussain still owns a food service firm. Hussain Sajwani has grown to become a very successful man who is featured on the Forbes billionaires list in 2017.


DAMAC began after Hussain saw potential after selling a decent number of units in his first 38-story building even though the construction was not complete. The construction of this building was initiated after the government of Dubai allowed foreigners to own land in the region. Since then, Hussain Sajwani has greatly contributed to the fascination of Dubai as a travel destination to many citizens of the world.


Damac has grown tremendously over the past few years. It is associated with other notable real-estate professionals such as Donald Trump who is the current president of the United States of America. Donald Trump with Hussain teamed up to develop the Trump-branded golf courses at the onset of 2013. Hussain Sajwani family has maintained both a friendly and a business relationship with that of Donald Trump.


As a developing company, Damac has faced a myriad of challenges most notably one in July 2008 where sales dropped drastically. Hussain being a tactician came up with ways to deal with the crisis. The Damac owner cut down operational costs, scrapped off some ongoing projects and introduced strict controls on buyer related irregularities.


DAMAC invests in engineering, construction, and architecture. This has led to its involvement with companies such as the Drake and Scull International which provides engineering services such as plumbing, air conditioning, sanitation, and gas supply among others. The Trump Organization Inc. provides real estate development services. DAMAC also works in close collaboration with LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton in the provision of luxury goods and services.


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