Whitney Wolfe Gives The Woman Power In The Dating Game

Whitney Wolfe, who is only 27 years old, is a world changer, whose main interest is empowering the woman in her relationships. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble and Bumble BFF Apps. At the Bumble App start-up held at the company headquarters, there was no man present, and this was good because the app is mainly for the women.

In the meeting, one of the agenda was eradicating ghosting, which refers to the act of terminating an affair with a partner without explaining. The other agenda was to end men’s shirtless selfies, which were uncomfortable women. The third and final affair was to eradicate unsolicited photos of male genitals on the internet. As she addressed the audience at the Bumble’s headquarters, Whitney Wolfe used a book called Date-Onomics to inform people how they can reward men who do not ghost.

Bumble App has two principles: nudity is verboten and you have to be kind while on the app. Since the woman makes the first move on the app, only the sensitive new age guys subscribe. The women on the app must also be bold enough and not held by old cultural values that prohibit women from making the first move.

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Whitney Wolfe birthed the idea of Bumble after having an ugly breakup with her ex-boyfriend Justin Mateen with whom they co-founded a competitor app called Tinder. Whitney was ousted out of the company after the relationship went sour and abused publicly. She sued and was awarded by the court the justice she deserved. As a result, Whitney started Bumble, which would help the women gain back their power from abusive men. Whitney also says that women are mistreated in other sites as men are taken as the target group, who woo the women into relationships. Whitney brought that to an end by introducing the Bumble App.

Bumble BFF allows women to form friends with other women. Whitney realized that the woman in the 21st century marries at a later age unlike in earlier times when they married by age 25. To make up for the time and reduce loneliness, Whitney introduced the Bumble BFF App that helps women socialize.

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