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Securus Technologies Inc. is one of the biggest providers of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. It serves about 2600 correctional facilities in 45 states, the District of Colombia, Canada and Mexico, and over 1.2 million inmates. This is the company that I used when a loved was detained. The technology provider is how I got to talk on the phone or visit electronically from my personal computer with my relative.

But what I didn’t know is that they also provide parolee tracking and government information management. Many, many jail personnel and law enforcement officials have spoken out about the investigative tools and criminal intelligence that lead to safer prisons, from deterring contraband like cellphones, to even assisting in murder investigations.

Started in 1985, the company now averages one new product per week. Headquartered in Dallas Texas, the company has four regional offices in the Dallas Metro area, and one office in Atlanta, Georgia. They are committed to improving facilities and they have reliable customer service, as well. Securus Technology Inc. recently won the Gold Stevie Award for its customer service training team. They have proven their commitment not only to inmate communications but also in innovation, analysis and development.


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Have you ever wondered how prisons operate? If so, you have probably heard about Securus Technologies, one of the largest providers of parolee tracking, detainee communications, and government info management. It serves around 2600 correctional facilities in forty-five states, Canada, District of Columbia, and Mexico, and more than one million inmates countrywide. Securus is the number one provider of innovative and comprehensive technology solutions. Its headquarters is Dallas.


This article has curated comments from formal letters and email communications that prisons and jail officials send. The comments are from individuals given the responsibility of preventing and solving crimes as well as making prisons safe and better. According to Securus CEO, Richard A. Smith, the firm develops new products and services weekly if possible to help prisons and enforcement officials to prevent and solve criminal cases. Below are some of the comments


  • According to one official, they were conducting an investigation when they called Securus to enquire about the covert alert feature and with their help, they were able to use the feature to arrest a suspect.


  • One official commented that he was able to listen to an inmate-to-inmate call. He was able to hear two siblings converse together with the mother on the outside. The older sibling and the younger sibling who was innocent on what to say if questioned about a shooting that had happened recently. The official said that listening to the communications was crucial to solving the case.


  • One sheriff stated that he was taking the minute to recognize the LBS software by Securus. Together with other law enforcement resources, the department was able to recover millions of assets, illegal money, and drugs. He added that without the software, they would have struggled to recover these assets.


In conclusion, the CEO says that the firm extends an open invitation to their competitors to visit their technology center and try to improve the industry.

Securus Technologies Helping to Prevent Crime in Jail

My job in the local jail is keeping any type of contraband out of the hands of the prisoners. I have a number of ways that I try to stay one step ahead of the inmates, but because they have so much time on their hands, they are able to come up creative ways to game the system.


I start my search for drugs and other contraband by being on the front lines at the visitor section. Even though we spot many people who bring things into the jail, some still manage to get through.


We do daily surprise inspections of the inmate cells, and this yields an abundance of other contraband. Even with these two lines of defense, the contraband is still readily available to inmates.


Although we had minimal results with monitoring inmate calls, it was still another resource we made use of daily. It wasn’t until Securus Technologies installed a new inmate communication system that we were able to really blow the roof off this problem.


Once I was trained on the LBS software, I decided to really put the system to the test and monitor the calls for a week. One issue we were aware of is that the inmates have their own vocabulary, so they can be directing someone on the outside to bring i drugs right under our noses.


One day, while using the new inmate communication system, I picked up on some conversations about gang leaders saying the outside soldiers needed to come to the jail and take certain actions. It was uncovered that a certain corrections officer was being bribed by the gang, and he would allow this contraband in the jail by turning a blind eye. This system was vital for helping us arrest one of our own and keep drugs out of the jail.